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Your step‐by‐step cAMP start‐up guide

on 08 February 2017


New to GPCR? Interested in getting the best performance out of your reagents?

Optimizing your cAMP assay has never been easier. Loaded with practical and detailed recommendations, this step‐by‐step guide ensures the best possible optimization of your cAMP experimental conditions.

  • Avoid common pitfalls and save time on development
  • Review the basics of cAMP assays
  • Master the steps for assay optimization

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Summary of the 5th annual meeting of the GDR

on 28 January 2017

This year, the 5th GDR3545 annual meeting took place in Tours on November 22-24th of 2016 at the “hôtel de l’Univers”. 188 scientists including 17 foreign scientists from 8 different countries (USA, India, China, Italy, Germany, Canada, Spain, Switzerland and UK) participated to this annual meeting organized by Dr Pascale Crépieux (BIOS team, PRC, INRA) and the GDR members from Tours (teams BIOS, DRuGS, NMR and PRC unit). During this meeting we had 74 posters, 28 oral presentations (7 from GDR members, 8 from invited foreigner scientists, 2 French speakers outside the GDR and 11 short talks given by young scientists) and 9 short presentations from sponsors. Furthermore, similarly to previous years, the meeting was preceded by the young scientist workshop (November 21-22nd, 2016), which in this edition focused on “Building GPCR signalization networks. Example of the FSH receptor”. Additionally, the meeting this year was followed by the workshop “Antibodies Targeting GPCRs, Recent Advances and Therapeutic Challenges", organized by Dr Mohammed Ayoub, Dr Eric Reiter and LE STUDIUM (November 24-25th, 2016).

5th annual meeting

Please download the attached PDF file for more details.

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