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You can find here all events related to the GDR. For some of these, if you want to participate, you will have to fill a register form at the bottom of the description.

II International Symposium on Photopharmacology 1-2 November 2018

on 04 September 2018


II International Symposium on Photopharmacology 1-2 November 2018

Download this file (Information ISPP2018.pdf)Information ISPP2018.pdf[ ]183 kB

Program of the 6th GDR3545 Workshop for PhD students and Post-Docs

on 27 June 2018

6th GDR3545 Workshop for Young Researchers

sponsored by the Esteve Foundation



Drug Discovery of GPCR: Scientific and Career Points of View in Biotech and Academia

Sunday, the 28th of October 2018

National University Library (Bibliothèque Nationale Universitaire BNU), salle de réunion

Strasbourg, tram station “République” (lines B, C, E, F)


Topic: Drug Discovery of GPCR and Other Targets in Biotech: Scientific and Career Points of View

15h00 - 16h15 Scientific presentations:

  • Introduction by members of the young researcher committee and by Felix Bosch-Llonch from the Esteve Foundation.
  • Christel Franchet, Head of Biology Department at Domain Therapeutics France, "Unique GPCR Platforms for Innovative Drug Discovery".
  • Christelle Doebelin, Junior project manager at Novalix, "Axl/MertK TAM Kinase Ligands: How to Lead an Insoluble Compound to an In-Vivo Proof-of-Concept?"

16h15 - 16h45 Coffee break.

16h45 - 17h45 Scientific presentations:

  • Cédric Fiez-Vandal, Group Leader in Protein Biochemistry at Heptares Therapeutics Zürich, "Solving the High-Resolution X-ray Crystal Structure of the GLP-1 Receptor: Lessons from the Biotech Trenches".
  • Sasha Koniev, CEO and co-founder of Syndivia, "Academia vs.Industry: a False Dilemma? Notes on Startup-ing in Biotech".

17h45 - 19h00 Round table.

19h30 Dinner and discussion at the restaurant La Chaîne d’Or together with the speakers of Sunday.


Monday, the 29th of October 2018

Pôle API - ESBS, Amphitheatre EBEL

Illkirch-Graffenstaden, tram station “Campus d’Illkirch” (lines A, E)


Topic: Validation, Production and Screening of GPCR and Other Proteins as Pharmacological Targets 

09h00 - 10h40 Presentations of technological platforms of the University Campus of Illkirch:

  • 09h00–09h25: Marie-Christine Birling, head of the Genetic Engineering and Genome Editing Service at the Mouse Clinical Institute, "Application of CRISPR Technology to Animal and Pharmacological Models".
  • 09h25–09h50: Laurent Brino, director of the High Throughput Cell-based Screening Facility (HTSF) at IGBMC, "Cell-based RNAi and Small Molecule Screening for Identifying Antiviral Targets: Case of an HDV Virus-Host Interaction Study".
  • 09h50–10h15: Renaud Wagner, head of the Integral Membrane Proteins Research and Services platform IMPReSs, "Production and Characterization of Membrane Proteins in Solution: the Adenosine Receptor as a Case Study".
  • 10h15–10h40: Pascal Villa, director of the Platform of Integrative Chemical Biology of Strasbourg (PCBiS), "A Receptor Binding Assay Development for High Throughput Screening".


10h40 - 11h00 Coffee break.

11h00 - 13h15 Visits of technological platforms of the University Campus of Illkirch:

  • 11h00–11h20 Group A ESBS – IMPReSs (Dr. Renaud Wagner)

                              Group B ESBS – PCBiS (Dr. Pascal Villa)

                              Group C IGBMC – HTSF (Dr. Laurent Brino)

  • 11h25–11h45 Group A ESBS – PCBiS (Dr. Pascal Villa)

                       Group B IGBMC – HTSF (Dr. Laurent Brino)

                       Group C ESBS – IMPReSs (Dr. Renaud Wagner)

  • 11h50–12h10 Group A IGBMC – HTSF (Dr. Laurent Brino)

                       Group B ESBS – IMPReSs (Dr. Renaud Wagner)

                       Group C ESBS – PCBiS (Dr. Pascal Villa)

  • 12h15–13h15 Group 1 Group 2 Mouse Clinical Institute

13h15 - 14h15 Lunch at the Pôle API

7th Annual Meeting of GDR3545, GPCR-Physio-Med in Strasbourg

on 23 April 2018
7th annual meeting of GDR3545 about GPCRs will take place in Strasbourg, october 29 - 31th, 2018
GPCR meeting in Strasbourg, october 2018

Download the preliminary programme : Programme of the 7th Annual Meeting of GDR3545

Deadline for abstract submission and registration : September 25th, 2018 

Venue and Access : Link

Scientific programme

6th GDR3545 workshop for Young researchers sponsored by the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation  October 28th (afternoon) to 29th (morning):  
Drug discovery of GPCR : scientific and career points of view in biotech and academia

Monday, October 29th 2018

12h00            Registration

14:15             Opening

Session 1: GPCRs and biased signalling

Chairs : Dominique Bonnet and Jean-Luc Galzi

14:30             Kjell Fuxe (Karolinska Institute, Sweden)
Allosteric receptor-receptor interactions in GPCR heteroreceptor complexes alter receptor protomer function. Focus on A2AR-D2R heteroreceptor complexes and cocaine addiction

15:20             Luc Maroteaux (Institut du Fer à Moulin, Paris, France)
Dimers among serotonin receptors: impact on ligand affinity and signaling

15:45             Franck Vandermoere (IGF, Montpellier, France)
Crosstalk by phospohorylation between 5HT2A and mGlU2 receptors, two important targets for antipsychotics

16:10             Alan Hégron (Institut Cochin, Paris, France) 
Identification of key regions mediating human melatonin MT1 receptor biased signaling revealed by natural variants

16:25             Francesco De Pascali (INRA, Nouzilly, France)
Biasing FSHR signaling by low molecular weight allosteric ligands

16: 40           Industrial sponsors pitches session

16:55            Coffee break

17:30            Stephan Schann (Domain Therapeutics, Illkirch, France)
Discovery of Foliglurax, an mGluR4 PAM for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

18:20             Véronique Pons (I2MC, Toulouse, France)
P2Y12 receptor constitutive activity as a new target for antiplatelt therapy

18:45             Kleouforo Paul Dembele (IRIB, Rouen, France)
Analysis of G protein expression level and functions in glioma development

19:00             Thibaut Laboute (INRA, Nouzilly, France)
The orphan GPR88 receptor biases opioid receptors and other GPCR signaling through sequestration of b-arrestin

19:15             Jianfeng Liu (Huazhong University, Wuhan, Hubei, China)
GABA receptor signaling and Aging

19:30             Flash posters session 1


                        Xiaojing Cong (Université Côte d’Azur , Nice, France)
P05: Mechanism of GPCR activation triggered by ligands, mutations and protonation

                        Daniele Di Marino (Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland)
P09: A Comprehensive Description of the Homo and Heterodimerization Mechanism of the Chemokine Receptors CCR5 and CXCR4

                        Fabien Hanser (Université de Strasbourg, France)
P17: Non-Peptidic Fluorescent Turn-on Probes for Live-Cell Imaging of GPCRs

Marie-Lise Jobin (University of Würzburg, Germany)
P23: Spatial organization and dynamics of GABAB receptors as revealed by single-molecule microscopy

Kerstin Seier (University of Würzburg, Germany)
P39: Investigation of mu opioid receptor dimerization with new fluorescent ligands


19:45             Poster session (odd numbers) & Buffet


Tuesday, October 30th 2018

Session 2: GPCRs and dynamics

Chair : Didier Rognan

9:00               Laura Heitman (Leiden University, Netherlands)
Drug-target binding kinetics – a case for GPCRs

9:45               Nicolas Floquet (IBMM, Montpellier, France)
Coarse-grained simulations to predict the dynamical interactions of GPCRs with their favorite partners at the molecular level

10:15             Industrial sponsors pitches session

10:30             Coffee break

11:00             Vladimir Katanaev (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
High capacity in G protein-coupled receptor signaling: application of information theory to signaling in health and disease

11:45             Marie Chabbert (Laboratoire MITOVASC, Angers, France)
Mutations in the sodium binding site played a key role in the evolution of chemokines receptors

12:10             Patricia Pacios Centeno (University of Manchester, UK)
Phosphate sensed by the Calcium-Sensing Receptor and its contribution to the Secondary Hyperparathyroidism of Chronic Kidney Disease

12:25             Photo & Lunch

Session 3: GPCRs, compartmentalization & signalling

Chairs : Dominique Massotte and Katia Befort

14:30             Davide Calebiro (University of Birmingham/University of Würzburg)
Shedding new light on the nanoscale organization of GPCR signalling

15:20             Guillaume Lebon (IGF, Montpellier, France)
Structural and molecular basis of Class C GCPR signalling

15:45            Claudia Desole (Université Paris Descartes, Paris, France)
Design, synthesis, pharmacological evaluation and molecular modeling of new potential antagonists targeting group III mGluRs

16:00             Alexandre Mutel (IRIB, Rouen, France)
GPCR’s activity is controlled by Filamin A in glioblastoma

16:15             Coffee break

17:00             Mario Mellado (National Center for Biotechnology, Madrid)
Modulating chemokine receptor clustering, signaling and cell responses

17:50             Anne Brelot (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France)
CCR5 adopts three homodimeric conformations that control cell surface delivery

18:15             Stefano Marullo (Institut Cochin, Paris, France)
Sialic acid-mediated mechanical activation of β2-adrenergic receptors by bacterial pilins

18:40             Lucie Hartmann (IMPReSs platform, Strasbourg, France)
Production of Antibodies Against Model G Protein Coupled Receptors Using Recombinant Semliki Forest Virus Particles as Immunogens

18:55             19:30      Flash posters session 2


                        Chayma El Khamlichi (Université d’Orléans, Orléans, France)
P10: Identification of biased ligands of 5-HT7 receptor: Molecular bases of their action

Nicolas Kahale (Université Paris Sud, Paris, France)
P18: TGR5-mediated signaling in the regulation of biliary epithelium permeability

                        Sridevi M Ramanoudjame (Université de Strasbourg, France)
P24: Fluorocarbon-peptide conjugates (FPC): new concept to increase the metabolic stability of peptides for therapeutic applications.

Steve Reynaud (Université Paris Sud, Paris, France)
P26: The first animal toxins targeting MC4R, a GPCR that controls your hunger

Maria Ricart-Ortega (IGF, Montpellier, France)
P30: Evaluating the influence of applied light on trans and cis alloswitch-1 binding to the metabotropic glutamate receptor mGlu5

19:10             General assembly animated by Ralf Jockers

19:40             Poster session (even numbers) & Gala


Wednesday, October 31st 2018

Session 4: GPCRs and Physiology

Chair : Claire Gaveriaux-Ruff

9:00               Madan Babu (MRC Cambridge, UK)
Pharmacogenomics of G-protein coupled receptor drug targets

9:50               Julie Dam (Institut Cochin, Paris, France)
The orphan GPCR GPR50 and its involvement in the development of obesity/type2 diabetes 

10:15             David De Sa Nogueira (LNCA, Strasbourg, France)
Cannabinoid receptors are regulated by cocaine or sucrose in brain reward regions

10:30             Coffee break

11:00             Christoph Stein  (University of Berlin, Germany)
Opioid receptor-ligand interactions in inflamed tissue

11:50             François Dupuis (EA 3452 CITHEFOR, Nancy, France)
S-Nitrosation regulates Angiotensin II-dependent and -independent AT1 responses in the cerebral circulation

12:15             Awards & Conclusions

12:45             End of the meeting

Download this file (Programme_GDR3545.pdf)Programme_GDR3545.pdf[ ]2905 kB

Venue & access to the 7th Annual Meeting of GDR3545

on 23 April 2018
7th annual meeting of GDR3545 about GPCRs will take place in Strasbourg, october 29 - 31th, 2018
The 7th Annual Meeting of GDR3545 will take place at :
École supérieure de biotechnologie de Strasbourg (ESBS)
Pôle API, 300 Bd Sébastien Brant,
67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden
How to reach the ESBS :
  • By train : From the train station, take the Tram A to the 'Campus d'Illkirch' tram stop (25 min from the train station), then 10 minutes walk to ESBS (see below "Campus map.pdf")

  • By plane : Strabourg is located close to 4 international airports (link)

  • By car : From highway A35, take the exit n°5 towards "Baggersee"

    • Continue along: Route Alfred Kastler
    • At the roundabout, take the 4th exit : Boulevard Sébastien Brant
    • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit : Boulevard Gonthier d'Andernach
    • Turn right : Rue Laurent Fries
    • Turn left: free parking spaces on-site


Download this file (Campus Map.pdf)Campus Map[ ]123 kB