Job offers

2 years Post-Doctoral opportunity at the Luxembourg Institute of Health, department of infection and immunity, Chemokine Receptor Research Group (Dr. Andy Chevigné)

Post on 30 August 2015

Project summary: GPCR dimerization has gained growing interest recently. GPCR homo and heterodimers have been suggested to have a modified pharmacology and function with regard to monomers. However, these dimers are currently poorly described and their roles in pathophysiology remain elusive. Chemokine and their receptors are involved in many critical physiological processes. They have been clearly identified as key players in pathologies such as cancer and HIV infection. The present project will focus on chemokine receptor dimers characterization, notably the impact on their pharmacology and roles in cancer models.

The project will take place at the Luxembourg institute of Health (LIH, formerly known as CRP-Santé), a high profile institute for health related basic research. It will be carried out in close collaboration with the Molecular Pharmacology lab of the GIGA research institute (Group of Dr. Julien Hanson, University of Liège, Belgium).

Candidate profile: We are looking for a motivated individual with a PhD thesis in Life Science (Biochemistry, cellular and molecular Biology,…). Expertise in chemokine or GPCR is an asset. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr Andy Chevigné (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with a short CV before September 15th.