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Annual meeting of the GDR-3545: RCPG-Physio-Med

Post on 07 September 2012

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Annual meeting in Paris


Université Paris Descartes, Grand Amphithéâtre

12 rue de l’école de médecine – Paris 6ème

Final Program 


October 29th, 2012

13:00  Welcome and registration

14:00  Session « La vie du GDR »

            Ralf Jockers, University Paris Descartes, Paris,France, director of GDR - Objectives of the GDR and plenary discussion on the organization of the GDR

15:30  1st Call for collaborative projects and federative activities between GDR members


Session leaders: Jean-Philippe PIN, Jean-Luc GALZI

Michael Spedding, IUPHAR, France - IUPHAR activities

Julie Kniazeff, Angléique Levoye, Florence Gbahou - Presentation of Students and young scientist committee

GDR members, 2 round tables on "Structure/Architecture" and "Physiology/Pathology"


17:00 – Coffee Break

17:30  Plenary lecture (co-sponsored by IUPHAR)


Session leader: Françoise Bachelerie

            Philip M. Murphy, NIH, Bethesda, USA – Chemokine receptors and diseases

18:30  Poster session and diner buffet

21:00  End of Day 1


October 30th, 2012

09:00  Special session on “GPCR-associated signalosomes“ (sponsored by CFQCU)


Session leader: Stefano Marullo

            Michel Bouvier, University of Montreal, Canada - Dissecting the multifunctional roles of ß-arrestin using virtual screening and BRET2

            Jean Martin Beaulieu, Laval University and IUSMQ, Quebec, Canada - 7TM associated proteins in beta-arrestin mediated signalling, different cells, different outcomes

            Stefano Marullo, University Paris Descartes, Paris, France - New paradigms for the control of receptor response:  protein complexes regulating GPCR export from internal stores

10:30 – Coffee Break

11:00  continuation of session on “GPCR-associated signalosomes“

            Céline Gales, Université Toulouse III, France - Deciphering biased agonism complexity reveals a new active Angiotensin II-AT1 receptor entity: redefinition of biased agonist

            Stéphane A. Laporte, McGill University, Montréal, Canada - Biasing G protein-coupled receptor signaling

            Lionel Moulédous, Université de Toulouse, France - Heterologous regulation of mu-opioid receptors by neuropeptide FF 2 receptors (short talk)

                Charlotte Avet,Université Paris Diderot, France - The accessory protein SET induces a switch of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptor (GnRHR) signaling towards cyclic AMP pathway in pituitary gonadotrope cells (short talk)

12:30 – Lunch

13:30  Workshop on “Emerging label-free Techniques”


Session leader: Thierry Durroux

            Sylvie Barcellini,ODESIA NeoSciences, Nice, France - Overview of real-time cellular impedance applications

            Evi Kostenis, University of Bonn, Germany - Label-free technology platforms to resolve integrated cellular signaling of 7TM receptors

            Wayne Stallaert, University of Montreal, Canada - Profiling ligand functional selectivity using label-free techniques

            Florin Tuluc, University of Pennsylvania, USA - GPCR-induced cell shape changes monitored by label-free techniques

15:30 – Coffee Break

16:00  Session on “GPCR ligands: new drugs and research tools”


Session leader: Didier Rognan

            Jean-Jacques Bourguignon, Université de Strasbourg, France - Design of ligands of neuropeptide FF receptors and their involvement in pain modulation

            Chris Langmead, Monash Inst. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Australia -Structure-based design of GPCR ligands                                    (Co-sponsored by IUPHAR)

            Sébastien Granier,Université de Montpellier, France - Structural insights into opioid receptor function

Dominique Bonnet, Université de Strasbourg, France - Design, Synthesis and Applications of Fluorescent GPCR Ligands (short talk)

Pauline Scholler,Université de Montpellier, France - Structural dynamics of metabotropic glutamate receptors by TR-FRET: application to drug discovery (short talk)

Denis Servent, CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette, France - Peptide toxins interacting with GPCRs as research tools or potential drug leads (short talk)


     18:30 Plenary lecture

Session leader: Michel Bouvier

            Joël Bockaert, University of Montpellier, France - "GPCR and their signaling: a saga paving the way for past and future (?) Nobels

19:30  Poster session and diner buffet

21:30  End of Day 2


October 31st, 2012

08:30  Session on “Patho-physiological impact of GPCRs”


Session leader: Françoise Bachelerie

            Luc Maroteaux,University Pierre & Marie-Curie, Paris, France - Involvement of 5-HT2B receptors in physiology and disease

            Jean-Sébastien Saulnier-Blache, University de Toulouse, France - LPA receptors in glucose homeostasis and obesity

            Philippe Marin, Université de Montpellier, France - 5-HT6 receptors recruit the mTOR complex 1 to disrupt cognition: relevance to schizophrenia

Angeliki Karamitri,Université Paris Descartes, France - Functional and structural analysis of MT2 melatonin receptor mutants associated with type 2 diabetes (short talk)

            Dominique Massotte,Université de Strasbourg, France- Cellular dynamics and neuroanatomical distribution of µ and d opioid receptors revealed by fluorescent knock-in mice (short talk)

Vincent Biajoux, Univ. Paris-Sud, France - Proper desensitization of CXCR4 is required for lymphocyte development and peripheral compartmentalization in mice (short talk)

11:00 – Coffee Break

11:30  2nd Call for collaborative projects and federative activities between GDR members


Session leaders: Jean-Luc GALZI, Jean-Philippe PIN

GDR members, 2 round tables on "Pharmacology/Chemobiology" and "Cellular Signaling"


12:30  Announcement of 5 awards for young scientists (including INTERCHIM award)

13:00  Closing remarks

13:15  Departure


Registrations closed
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