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GDR3545 statellite meeting Sao Paolo

Post on 18 April 2019

A GDR-3545 Satellite Meeting just took place in Brazil. Co-organized by the University of Sao Paulo (USP) (Brazil) (Dr. Celia Garcia) and the GDR-3545 (Dr. Ralf Jockers), the satellite meeting was held from March 18th to 22nd 2019 at the USP campus in Sao Paulo. During 1 week, the attendees had the opportunity to listen and to discuss with local and international speakers about the State-of-the-Art on GPCRs, drug discovery and innovation. Attendees presented their own work in the poster session or in selected short-talks. Among the speakers there were 10 GDR members, Dr. Michel Bouvier (Canada), and more than 20 local researchers and agents from pharmaceutical companies, start-ups, funding agencies and agencies supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. The meeting had 80 registered attendees, comprising researchers from public and private institutions, as well as undergraduate students, as the event was registered as a discipline of the Pharmaceutical School of USP for PhD and Master students. The meeting provided a favorable environment for scientific exchanges, and also for the establishment of new collaborations or strenghtening of already existent ones.