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Results of the call from Hybrigenics to GDR members

Post on 13 February 2013

Y2H screen

Call for Yeast two-hybrid screen (2012)

Hybrigenics, an industrial partner of the GDR-3545 had the pleasure to offer 1 full yeast two-hybrid screen per year (value of 10000 Euro) to GDR members. Download the attached file to read more.

Hybigenics and the GDR are proud to announce the winner of the « Call for Yeast two‐hybrid screen (2012) ». The project selected by the academic committee is entitled "identify new targets of the GPCR gatekeeper PRAF2 in the brain". This project submitted by Stéfane Doly (Paris) is designed to explore the possible role of PRAF2 as a general gatekeeper of ER exit by identifying the repertoire of GPCRs binding to PRAF2 in the brain.Based to the long‐term partnership between Hybrigenics and the GDR, a second call will be launched by the end of 2013.

Download this file (Flyer Y2H screen 2012 call.pdf)Flyer Y2H screen 2012 call.pdf[ ]563 kB