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GPCR Medicinal Chemistry and Structural Biology: Roots, Fruits and Fertilizers

Post on 14 May 2013

GPCR Medicinal Chemistry And Structural Biology

The W.Th. Nauta Foundation for Pharmacochemistry

is pleased to announce:

GPCR Medicinal Chemistry & Structural Biology:
Roots, Fruits and Fertilizers

June 24-25, 2013 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A limited number of participants will be accepted ; first applications will be honoured. Costs for participation are 50 € and includes lunches, coffee and tea. 

This symposium in Amsterdam will be dedicated to some general developments in modern Medicinal Chemistry. The symposium is organised to celebrate the fact that on June 17 this year it will be the 100th anniversary of Wijbe Nauta's birthday, the founder of  our department at the VU University Amsterdam. Professor Nauta has been instrumental to introduce Medicinal Chemistry as an independent  branch of chemistry in The Netherlands and subsequently in Europe. His special contributions to Medicinal Chemistry concern especially the classical antihistamines. He was an advocate of the idea that Medicinal Chemistry can only flourish when it is executed in what he called an integrated way. As an eye-catching result of this approach in the sixties he suggested  that "receptors" could be "proteins in a helix shape". Most likely his paper (1968) in which he proposed this, has been the first in which a receptor was presented as such, complete with an imaginative drawing.

Main Topics:

  • Medicinal Chemistry: a multidisciplinary and integrated science
  • GPCR fertilizers of medicinal chemistry: what is there to come?
  • Computational approaches towards new GPCR ligands: GPCR structures as stepping stones?
  • GPCRs: from structural biology to understanding

The complete programme, as well as information on registration, can be found on the symposium website: