Job opportunities

Post-doctoral fellow or research associate at IRIC (Montreal)

on 29 August 2019

For more information please see the attached file.

Poste d'Assistant Ingénieur ou Ingénieur d’Etude

on 21 August 2019

The Cochin institute, Paris 14, France

The Cochin Institute ( is a Research Center (INSERM, CNRS, University ParisV) located in the campus of the Cochin Hospital, one of the most active Hospitals downtown Paris. Ten core facilities provide the scientists of the Institute with the most efficient technological support.

Our team, « Functional Pharmacology and Pathophysiology of Membrane Receptors» belonging to the department of "Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes", uses pharmacological and biochemical approaches to understand the function of receptors (such as the G protein coupled receptors or the leptin receptor), the alteration of their regulation in pathology and evaluate their therapeutic potential. For this purpose, we combine both molecular and cellular studies that are complemented by the generation and study of different animal models. Our team is of international origin composed of about 15 members including 5 CNRS/INSERM researchers, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, master students and engineer.

Main Activities:

The Engineer will be involved in a project studying the importance of melatonin receptors in the mitochondria. This project would involve:

  1. Animal experimentation (small activity):

- Ensure invasive (biological sampling ...) or non invasive exploration (functional analysis) of mice

- Be the person responsible for the animal register

  1. Cellular / Molecular biology: Ensure activities requiring cell culture and/or molecular biology

Associated Activities:

Collective responsibility within the building and helps to organize & coordinate the activity of the team

If desired, possibilities of:

- Participating in the writing of publications and communications (poster presentation)

- Contributing to the design of ethical protocols

- Training and Supervising students


General knowledge in biology, physiology

Experimental knowledge of small animals and meet the regulatory requirements of the latter

Knowledge of health and safety regulations

Skill requirements:

Animal experimentation

Expertise in cell biology and molecular biology (cloning)

Skills in the coordination of tasks for the realization of different projects in parallel

Experimental rigor, Skill of organization

Curiosity and Motivation on scientific projects

Authorization to experiment with animals would be appreciated

Fixed Term Contract:

12 months, renewable. Salary: From 1900 euros monthly gross (“Brut”) according to the experience and the scale applicable to the public service

Diploma Required: Engineer Diploma, Master, BTS, or equivalent


Ralf Jockers : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (+33 1 40 51 64 41)

Julie Dam : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (+33 1 40 51 64 34)

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PhD position at the Laboratory for Therapeutic Innovation and the Laboratory of Biotechnology and cellular Signaling, Illkirch, University of Strasbourg

on 16 May 2019

PhD position available on Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new photoswitchable neuropeptides involved in pain modulation.

at the Laboratory for Therapeutic Innovation and the Laboratory of Biotechnology and cellular Signaling, Illkirch, University of Strasbourg.

For more details please see attached file.

Offre de Thèse à l'INRA/UMR 7247 (Tours) Equipe BIOS Pascale Crépieux

on 29 March 2019

Thesis fellowship in the laboratory of "Physiologie de la Reproduction et des Comportements" UMR7247, équipe "Biologie Bioinformatique des Systèmes de Signalisation"

Topic: Intracellular antibodies to explore the relationships between conformations and activity of the FSH receptor, and applications in reverse pharmacology.

For more information, please see the attached file.

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Two years postodoctoral position at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

on 27 March 2019

The five years FAPESP thematic project: Decoding molecular and cellular aspects of Plasmodium as a tool for the development of new antimalarials has opened a postdoctoral two years of position research.

The development of the project will be in collaboration with the laboratory of Molecular Signaling on Host-pathogen interactions at the Department of Clinical and Toxicological Analyses, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil (

Our primary focus of interest is to elucidate how malaria parasites signal in the various stages of their life cycle in efforts to explore new venues for clinical intervention. To achieve this goal, we combine work on live cell microscopy with state-of-the-art molecular techniques. For more information see

The candidate should work independently, be motivated and have a Post Doctorate in the last five years in areas related to the project. The ideal candidate should have experience in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology. The project aims to unravel the function of GPCR (G protein-coupled receptors) -like proteins in the human malaria parasite P. falciparum.


Salary R$ R$ 7.373,10/month (U$ 1.886). The fellowship includes a stipend for traveling abroad/in Brazil to present the work at scientific meetings.

Part of the project could de be developed in a laboratory abroad (up to 1 year) upon application of a FAPESP-BEPE fellowship


The candidates should send a letter of interest, their curriculum summary and two reference letters to Prof. Celia R. S. Garcia ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

FAPESP will fund the project according to its regulation.

Additional information in living cost in São Paulo:

Flat rental (2 bedrooms) in São Paulo R$ 1.400,00 (U$ 360) around the area of the University of São Paulo.