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Hybrigenics Announcement

Post on 15 May 2013

Hybrigenics Services: 10% discount and new libraries

Hybrigenics Services launches a seasonal 10% discount offer before June 15, 2013, on ULTImate Y2H, ULTImate Y2H+1, ULTImate Y1H, ULTImate RNA Y3H and MBmate Y2H. To benefit from this offer, please contact us by clicking on the following link: and give us the promo code “10%JUNE13”

Hybrigenics Services provide researchers with more than 60 highly complex cDNA libraries from diverse organisms for the identification of protein partners, thanks to ULTImate screening services.

Our 3 new libraries: human lung cancer cell lines, human macrophages and mouse ovaries.

The full list of our ULTImate libraries and more information are available on our website: Customized library can be built specifically for your project, please contact us.