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Fluo detection by Interchim

Post on 29 August 2013
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Ratiometric Fura-8™ Calcium Indicator

Although Fura-2 has been widely used as the preferred excitation-ratioable calcium indicator it has certain limitations, e.g., lower sensitivity compared to the single wavelength calcium dyes such as Fluo-8® and Cal-520™. Fura-8™ has been recently developed to further improve the calcium response of Fura-2. Fura-8™ has its emission shifted into longer visible wavelength that is compatible with the common filter sets. It has comparable calcium affinity (to Fura-2). Fura-8™ AM is more sensitive to calcium than Fura-2 AM with higher signal/background ratio than that of Fura-2 AM.




Fura-8TM AM       1D6720 1 mg
Fura-8TM AM 1D6721 10x50 µg




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