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Promega announcement

on 31 January 2013


Promega, expert in monitoring specific signal transduction events such as GPCR & Leader in reporter assay

  • Focus on the Dual Reporter Luciferase Method for Studying GPCR modulators, click here
  • For more information about all Specific Pathway Reporters, click here
  • About Promega, click here

Cal-250 PBX Calcium Assay Kit

on 31 January 2013



Cal-520™ PBX Calcium Assay Kit, Optimized for Probenecid-Sensitive Cell Lines


Kit Key Features

  • Increased S/B Ratio: Significantly higher signal/background ratio than any other fluorescent Ca2+assays.
  • Convenient: No wash and no probenecid needed. Formulated for probenecid-sensitive cell lines.
  • Versatile Applications: Compatible with many cell lines and targets without ligand or target interference.

Calixar and Synthelis team up to provide unique membrane protein services

on 31 January 2013


Calixar (Lyon), a company specialized in the isolation and crystallization of native and functional membrane proteins, and Synthelis (Grenoble), which is specialized in the production and vectorization of these same molecules, team-up within The Membrane Protein Alliance for the production and isolation of all types of membrane protein targets for drug discovery (including GPCR, ion channels, transporters, enzymes and viral targets). The results of this collaboration will have applications ranging from the development of antibodies to the discovery of new drugs, including the determination of the targets structure and vaccine formulations.