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Objective B: promote exchange between academia and industry


Regular and mutual exchange between academia and industry appears “natural” in the GPCR field given the large number of biological processes/diseases involving GPCRs and the enormous potential of GPCRs for drug development. The GDR3545 aims to establish an open forum for discussion and exchange that will lead to sustained partnerships.

Industrial partners can chose between different types of partnerships or sponsorships depending on their interest and their activity (supplier of reagents, instrumentation, services, pharmaceutical industries, etc.). For the different types of partnerships a commitment over the entire duration of the GDR (4 years) is desirable.


Sponsors and Partners from outside France are also welcome. Currently, seven companies are located outside France (USA, UK, Belgium) clearly underlining the international/European spirit of the GDR3545.

Partnerships with non-profit associations interested in GPCRs are also welcome as exemplified by the partnership with the renowned International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR), which is representing the interests of pharmacologists around the world by promoting international cooperation and encouraging free exchange of scientists and ideas (

The 2012 annual meeting of the GDR3545 in Paris hosted a joint session on “GPCR-associated signalosomes“ with Canadian colleagues co-sponsored by the CFQCU.

You can click here to see the list of our sponsors/partners.